Arts Development

The honing of aesthetic sense - be it music, dance, theater or art, is something that is taken extremely seriously at Parikrma. We recognize the tremendous talent that these children have in expressing themselves through the various art forms. Art - drawing and painting, is something that the children have an innate gift for and it is here that we have really developed a foundationally program. Art classes start in kindergarten itself with the unlimited expression that is given direction with the utmost care. With art teachers across each school, art is something that is that has flowered at Parikrma. Several of our art teachers have won prestigious National Awards and as a result visited some of the best known museums in Europe.

Attakalari - or contemporary dance, has been part of our program since our inception. Our children's expressions explode on the floor and many a rousing dance recital has been put together by our children.

Music and traditional dance forms have just started to gain a foothold in our Centres. We are now building this area and looking for funds to make it a reality.