Half-a-day Program

It takes just a day to create real change.

Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a non profit organization, made up of people from various walks of life, who believe that we can create fundamental change. If only we set our mind to it. We are committed to making sure children from slums get the same kind of educational exposure as a more privileged child. So that they can compete at the same level, and break out of their cycle of poverty.

We provide our children a 360 development program that covers their entire "Circle of Life" - Top-class ICSE English education, nutrition (3 meals a day), healthcare and even family care. At the moment we have 4 Centres for Learning where 997 children from 28 slums and 6 orphanages get this entire program free. We intend Parikrma to be an end-to-end solution. A child comes into Parikrma at 5, goes through school, pre-university Junior College professional college and is then placed into a job. That way, and only that way can he or she break their cycle of poverty.

With every passing year, Parikrma tries afresh to elicit support from thinking, working professionals who wish to make a lasting difference to under-served children's lives. As an organization, we have grappled with many issues, the most critical of them being the uncertain flow of economic support from organizations.

For a program like ours, which doesn't promote partial non formal education, or mere literacy, which in no way alleviates a child from poverty, consistent and long term support is vital. Our goal is to facilitate real change, beginning from top-class education being provided to slum children, starting from K.G. right through College. That is the only way we believe these children can sever the cycle of poverty.