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Initiatives like midday meals, better infrastructure, and better teacher benefits, undertaken by Government and NGOs, are designed to bring children to and keep them in school. What happens to the children once they are in school is not being addressed. Education is about learning and preparing for our world today. Unfortunately 8 out of 10 children do not make it to high school (while 1 teacher out of 4 does not even make it to school every day).

When learning is addressed - both, content and delivery even the poorest children want to come school and their parents eager to send them.

The Parikrma Humanity Foundation

A nonprofit organization, we have a simple goal: that even the poorest from the slums of urban India can access the best opportunities in our new-age, globalized society and play a positive role in evolving it.

We enable this by providing best possible education that includes the ICSE English language curriculum. Add to that our out-of-classroom exposure: ranging from sports, art, music to a Space Club, an Electronics Club as well as a Nature Club.

Our penchant for global exposure for our children has led us to arrange for professors and students from MIT, Stanford, IISc and Berkley, among other institutions, to interact with our children. And there are rewards for such exposure.

Our children have represented India at the Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego and have been a part of the Duke University Talent Identification Program (which gets some of the brightest students together for a 3 week preparatory course in IIM Ahmedabad).

Our children excel in sports too. They recently swept the inter-school athletics meet, winning 5 out of 10 team championships. In fact, several of our children are playing for the state football team. Two of our children represented India at the South Asian Taekwon-do meet in Nepal. Our children won 4 gold medals.

Why do we at Parikrma go to such lengths to prepare our children for a global living? Because our children will inherit the same globalized world as any other child.

Be it English language proficiency or technology skills or sport and art or collaborating with people around the world, we see how important it is to make education relevant to our new-age world. And it is this relevance that will make even the poorest child a responsible New World Citizen.

At Parikrma we realize that just school education is not enough. Every child must complete college or training that will allow the child to break the condition of poverty once and for all.

Some of our children are already in college, preparing for careers in engineering, medicine and hotel management

You can help create a New World Citizen by investing in a child online. As an investor you will travel the course of change as we consistently provide you with indicators of how well the child is doing in academics and other areas of education as well as physical and mental well-being.

(100% of investment will reach our children. Your investment is tax deductible to the extent allowed under Section 80G)

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