Dear Parikrma friends,

First, I would like to thank you for giving us a brilliant 2013. I call it brilliant because it is in 2013 that we saw our Parikrma promise actually complete a full circle. We had 85 finish their Grade 10 and go to college - 45 with a First Class and 7 with Distinction. We had 32 children finish preuniversity exams and get admission in reputed colleges. Our older children, that we continue to sponsor in universities, did us proud by getting grades above 60%. Our first batch of students is now well placed in high valued jobs as managers and supervisors in hotels, retail markets and call centres. We are proud of our students pursuing engineering, medicine, dialysis therapy, nursing and commerce and sciences. We are equally proud of our students who did not pursue higher studies and went through vocational courses and got employed and are doing well so far.

We have tried to pursue excellence with children that have been ignored and rejected by society. We saw a promise in them, and made them a promise of a better life and we see it happening today. In the last ten years we have discovered the real meaning of education which differentiates information from knowledge and knowledge from wisdom. So while we burst with pride when our children win awards in inter school competitions, our eyes moisten with joy when our children return expensive smart phones that they find in a bus or road. We believe we are in the right direction of true education.

2014 expects a great deal from Parikrma. We will have to raise the bar of quality and excellence even higher. Our children will have to do even better in the ASSET exams where they are slowly becoming at par with the good schools in the country. More of our sport stars will have to play for the state and the nation in football and taekwondo. They will have to get admission into even better colleges and better jobs. But more importantly they will in their own way have spread the message of love, compassion and tolerance in the community in general. We already see our young girls taking a stand and refusing to get married at age 14. We already see young boys in our schools treat girls with respect and care. We realise that we have to do more to make it their way of life. We also have to give them the courage to take a stand in the slums and not get deterred. To bring about this kind of social change is not easy at all. But that is our promise to us and to you.

In 2014 you will also see one of our dreams take shape in a gentle way. We have been working on the curriculum of the teacher training academy we call the Education Transformation Centre. Our first batch of government school teachers training will begin mid 2014. This is our way of spreading our model, showing greater impact and hastening social change which is transformation.

Transformation is the other name of Parikrma.

Shukla Bose
Founder - CEO

Recently, a group of children were rushing from the bus stop to the Sahakaranagar school when they noticed a phone lying by the side of the road. This was not just any phone, but one of the latest smart phones on the market. They immediately picked up the phone and dialed the last number, informing the friend of the owner that they had the phone. When the owner rushed to Parikrma to pick up the phone he thought he'd lost forever, he was moved beyond words. He said that the phone, worth close to Rs 30,000/- was a prize find for anyone, yet the children of Parikrma chose to return it. He was impressed by the childrens' presence of mind and their complete honesty. “If I could choose any school to send my child to, my first choice would be Parikrma,” he wrote in a letter of thanks to the school.


And this year, we are also celebrating the children who have not been what most would call a success – children who weren't academically inclined, children who could not overcome the numerous difficulties life threw their way. This year, in an effort to truly complete the Circle of Life that Parikrma is, we are going back to the few children who dropped out early in the journey.

It is stories like these that let us know that we are achieving what we set out to do. Not just focusing on the bright sparks and the achievers, but the ones who struggle to stay afloat. Not just churning out academically capable children, but young adults who are caring, sensitive to the world around them and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams.