Parikrma Model

For an under-served child to break out of the severe limiting physical living conditions and live a meaningful life, it is imperative that the education being imparted is not just about the quality of curriculum but about preparing the child for life ahead. There are several challenges to doing this. The children come from households which are filled with violence of all forms. Their parents have not been to school and if they have been then they have dropped out by grade 3-5. None of the parents know the English language and yet all of the parents desire their children to be masters in English! Add to that, fluctuating livelihoods that affect income generation as well as alcoholism that drains income leave households in a terrible state of instability.

To ensure that the child learns well and continues learning till he/she is job ready it is obvious that we need to look at the life of a child in its entirety and intervene appropriately. The Parikrma Model has emerged out of this simple principle. A nurturing and stable home environment and a very high quality of learning in school constitute the key elements that need to be managed to achieve our goal. Nutrition and healthcare complete this Circle of Life.

The Parikrma Model is therefore built on:

  • a) A 360 degree development program built around the life of a child and covers top-class English Education, Nutrition (3 meals a day), comprehensive Healthcare and Family Care. We call this the Circle of Life.
  • b) An end-to-end program (e2e) - where the entire education from school to college for a child is looked after by Parikrma. This is what increases the probability of success. Parikrma will directly manage the imparting of education from KG to 12. After that Parikrma will provide scholarships and other options for children to go through professional college / vocational training before placing the children in jobs.