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Parikrma completes 2 years of making hope work for the Poor
Celebrates its Annual Day with the parents of the children at Town Hall

Bangalore March 30, 2005: It was a poignant moment for all those associated with Parikrma - its staff and well-wishers alike, as Mr. S. Mariswamy and other prominent Bangaloreans like Sumalata and Ashwini Nachappa lit the lamp celebrating the 2nd year of Parikrma Humanity Foundation's operations. Parikrma manages a 360 degree development program for the poorest of the poor children from the slums and streets of Bangalore.

Town Hall was filled to capacity with 480 children and their Parents from 22 slum communities that Parikrma serves. The children received awards for excellence in academics, attendance and all round performance. What was interesting were the awards given to parents for ensuring that their children attended school with close to a 100% attendance. It was a proud moment for both the children and parents. In the year 2004-'05 Parikrma Centres for Learning at Koramangala, Sahakaranagar and Jayanagar clocked 95% attendance and had less than 1% drop outs.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Mariswamy said, "It is wonderful to see the interest that these parents are taking in ensuring that the children come to school and do well in their academics. Parikrma has proven that it does not matter even if the children come from the poorest of the poor sections of society, even they can be successful if provided with the right inputs. I hope Parikrma is able to touch the lives of many more poor people".

Parikrma also used this as a forum for Parents to voice their views on their program. Anjali, a flower seller and mother of a child at Parikrma talked about the positive changes that have taken place in her child's behaviour. She said that he was cleaner, sharper and did not like missing school. Nirmala, worker in a garment factory and mother of another child said that she appreciated the way Parikrma treated her and other Parents with great dignity. She also mentioned that the care given to her child was much more that what she could have ever afforded to give.

Welcoming the guests at the Annual Day Shukla Bose, CEO of Parikrma said, "The very fact that everybody is here is testament that change is possible. People who are born in poverty don't always have to live in poverty. We believe that the education we are providing is leading to a slow but positive change. These children will be the torch bearers of the next generation of this city. We are certain that not only will they break their cycle of poverty but also become model citizens of our country."

Parikrma Humanity Foundation is nonprofit organization with a mission to unleash the potential of the under-served children like those from the slums and streets of urban India. Parikrma manages a 360 degree high quality development program for 480 children coming from 22 slum communities. This program is provided through 3 Centres for Learning at Koramangala, Sahakaranagar and Jayanagar. At the core of the program is the management of the Circle of Life of the children - Education (ICSE English), Nutrition (3 meals), Healthcare and Family Care.

For more information on Parikrma log on to www.parikrmafoundation.org or contact:

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