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Parikrma opens its arms wider and embraces Jayanagar
The slum children of Jayanagar now have access to quality education

Bangalore, September 22, 2004: The third Parikrma Centre for Learning was launched at Jayanagar today by Sri Dharam Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Karnataka. Targeted at the growing slums of Jayangar such as Siddhapura and Tilaknagar, Parikrma Centre for Learning will provide a high quality development program that would help the poor children acquire the tools to compete on equal terms.

Located next to the Ashoka Pillar in Jayangar 1st Block, the Centre building has been donated by the Saraswathi Memorial Trust, a charitable organization that was founded by Sri P.S. Devdas, a leading advocate of Bangalore.

Parikrma Humanity Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was launched in 2003 with a mission to unleash the potential of under-served children and help them become valuable contributing members of our society. The unique Parikrma Model is based on a simple premise - poverty cycle can only be broken if the poor have the skills to compete on equal terms for opportunities in a city. The Model, therefore, is built around the total development of the child. This "Circle of Life" includes Nutrition (3 meals a day), Education (ICSE, English Medium), Healthcare (physical as well as mental) and Family Care.

Said Sri Dharam Singh, "I am impressed with the way these children have learnt. They are no different from other children and we need programs like Parikrma to give poor children the tools for equal opportunity. Parikrma has shown that economic background does not determine ability of people. It's the quality of effort that is important. I applaud Parikrma and wish them all the success in giving these children a better future."

The Parikrma Model has already shown great success. Attendance has been 98% with less than 1% drop outs. A unique program has been created that helps a child pick up English in 3 months. Recently Parikrma worked with the Bangalore Mahanagar Palike to improve the pass percentage of 12 of the lowest performing BMP schools. Parikrma was able to take up the pass percentage from 9% to 31% - an improvement of over 300%.

Speaking on the occasion, Shukla Bose, Founder & CEO of Parikrma said, "The poor children of Jayanagar now have access to quality development. These children are our future and it is they who will change the communities they come from. They are our change agents in our vision of mass transformation of slum communities. Our Model is working well and we are keen to share this with anyone who wants to reach out to more of the poor."

Parikrma Humanity Foundation has 3 Centres for Learning for 480 of the poorest of poor children living in various slums at Koramangala, Sahakarangar and Jayanagar. Parikrma raises funds locally from individuals and corporations to sustain its Centres.

For more information on Parikrma log on to www.parikrmafoundation.org or contact:

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