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Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje visits Parikrma Centre for Learning
Is impressed by the knowledge displayed by the poor children at Parikrma

Mumbai February 9, 2005: Rajasthan's Chief Minister, Hon'ble Vasundhara Raje visited the Parikrma Centre for Learning at Jayanagar. She spent time with the poor children of the area, who are students at the Centre, talking to them and asking them questions. When she asked "What is Rajasthan famous for", one child answered - "handicrafts"! It was then the turn of the children to quiz her. "What is STF stand for"? "Do you know who Veerappan is"? She was fast with her answers. The next question "What is the second largest bird in the world", stumped her! She was very impressed with the knowledge the children had and their command over the English language. Ms. Raje also saw the food program that is supported by Akshaya Patra. She was keen to see how she could translate this experience to her state of Rajasthan.

Parikrma Humanity Foundation manages 3 Centres for Learning for 480 of the poorest of the poor from the slums of Bangalore. The Centres are in Koramangala, Sahakaranagar and in Jayanagar. Parikrma provides these children with a 360? integrated development program that covers the "Circle of Life" of these children - Education (ICSE English medium), Nutrition (3 meals a day), Healthcare (immunization and overall healthcare) and Family Care (De addiction programs for alcoholic parents, vocational training for older sibling etc.). Parikrma was conferred the "Derozio Award" for excellence in Education and Human Enrichment by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations in 2004.

Parikrma is part of a unique private / govt. partnership that is aimed towards improving the performance and standards of Bangalore Mahanagar Palike High Schools. Pratiksha Trust and Akshaya Patra along with Parikrma are part of this partnership which is called "Operation Recharge". At the moment Parikrma, which manages the program in this partnership, provides an after-school 3 hour tutorial program for over 4,700 children from 18 BMP High Schools. Operation Recharge was launched in 12 schools in 2004 and was able to improve the performance by over 300%.

For more information on Parikrma log on to www.parikrmafoundation.org or contact:

Vivek Raju
Head - Marketing
Mobile: +91 98860 86474
Email: vivekr@parikrmafoundation.org