Sporting Excellence

Sport is an integral part of our education at Parikrma. At the basic level we provide a physical training program that helps all our children develop their motor skills and improve their physical conditioning. Each of our Centres has got a physical trainer that trains and monitors the physical development of the children.

In our advanced level program - the United Parikrma Sports Program, we identify and train talented children across football, athletics and taekwon-do. Our aim is to provide these children an opportunity to compete at the highest levels. Our teams across these two disciplines have been performing extremely well and we have had several children who have been drafted into the Karnataka State teams as well as children who hold meet records in the inter-school athletics tournament.

Recently we have also provided some children with exposure to swimming, basketball and tennis.

At the same time, we are unable to provide a really good program because of a short fall of funds. We are looking for a sponsor to fund our entire sports program. If you are interested in this sponsorship please write to