Kicking and punching above their weight.
Martial arts, Taekwondo in particular, is a new feature in the comprehensive learning provided to the children in Parikrma. Having started only in June 2009, one would expect the children to take a while to adapt to this foreign skill. This assumption has proved to be far from the truth.
Only two months from the commencement of the Taekwondo classes (in 2009), 13 children were selected to participate in the Taekwondo Zonal Championship held in Chennai. The children beat all odds and skepticism with a scintillating performance that won them 8 medals including 4 golds. The fifth gold medal eluded them as one of the fights pitted Parikrma against Parikrma! The kids then made waves at the National Championships in December, 2009, held in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The kids walked away with six medals in total, including four golds, one silver and one bronze. At the just concluded zonal tournament in Chennai, our kids walked away with no less than 10 gold medals in various categories, with Usha, a girl from Jayanagar winning the gold in her category! 4 Children have been selected to represent India at international meets.
Parikrma Champions League
Challenging the best
There is no tournament that gets the best of Bangalore's teams to play together. We saw this as a great opportunity for our children to compete with the best schools. So, we are organizing our very own invitational football tournament - the Parikrma Champions League for the Equality Cup. The Parikrma Champions League is a joint effort with the Karnataka State Football Association.