Spreading the Model

An oft asked question is "Will Parikrma open more schools, especially in other cities?" It's a question that most people are concerned about. Touching millions of children in some form and not fundamentally transforming opportunities for the marginalized is the primary goal for most. And our existing mass schooling system with its archaic education is totally ill-equipped to help children make best use of a new age economy. To support even one child so that the child has equal access to the best opportunities, is a task filled with great responsibility - A responsibility of rethinking the very content of education.

It is unlikely that any one organization can create mass change, even the Government, with its huge reach, is unable to do so. Maybe the question of scale is an irrelevant one.

The Parikrma Model is not about numbers but about fundamental transformation of education for the marginalized. And it is this thinking that has led us to a more relevant question about scaling. "Is it possible to provide the benefits of the Parikrma Model to others managing education for the marginalized?"

It is this that has led us to creating an Education Transformation Centre that will provide a space for learning from the Parikrma experience.