Work with us

When like-minded people with dedication and responsibility come together and address the shortcomings of our imperfect society then there is the possibility of fundamental change. At Parikrma we have more than a 160 such people driven by a simple goal - To provide the best possible education to the poorest children living in the slums of urban India.

At the moment we have 4 Centres for Learning, a Junior College and the Final Leap program that provide our holistic program to 1320 children coming from 53 slum communities and 5 orphanages. We will continue to add new children every year and new classes in our schools. To fuel this growth and to improve our education delivery we are looking for people with skill, experience, innovative spirit and a strong desire to create change. We are looking for people in academics, marketing and administration.

We are professionally managed and provide fair salary and benefits. Our working environment is filled with a sense of purpose and strong camaraderie.

We have openings in Academics or Marketing.