How does one define change? What are the parameters? At Parikrma, it’s always an even scale: moral compass over better grades, kindness over over-achievement and true calling over rate race. We provide a platform where the poorest are provided with apparatus that create an environment for them to create an identity for themselves and grow into socially responsible citizens.

A chef at Hilton, now working in Dublin. Entrepreneurs (a sports company, a catering business, and event management company). A marathoner. A MD for entertainment on an international cruise ship. A leading Kannada actress. Software engineers. Dentist. Zumba professional. Web developer, graphic designers. Nonprofit professionals…

Our alumni are studying at National Law School, Shristi School of Art and Design, MS Ramaiah engineering college, BMS College of engineering and other mainstream colleges.

We are proud of our alumni, and here are our success stories!

  • Shiva is a software engineer working with Cisco System Inc. His mother was a maid and his grandmother still sells flowers by the roadside.
  • Santhosh is a Chef at Hilton International. His father was a cook but now an invalid.
  • Lamcy has completed her Bachelors in Dentistry and will start practice in two months. She lives in an orphanage.
  • Ramya is a dialysis therapist in a leading hospital. Her mother is a maid.
  • Lalcha is in 3rd year National Law College. He is an orphan.
  • Henginlen is an activist, blogger. He is an orphan.
  • Karthik is a recruiter and trainer for Starbucks. He married his childhood sweetheart and encouraged her to be a teacher. He was found on the streets of Bangalore.
  • Soumya is an award winning highly reputed actress in a regional TV show. Her mother was a maid.
  • Asha is an HR Manager of a large FMCG company and is keen to hire more Parikrma students.
  • Shobhana is a Manager in an American IT company and is being sent to US for further training in November.
  • Shalini is a nurse at the Manipal Hospital. Her mother was a maid.
  • Selva is a nurse and wants to specialise in geriatrics. His father was a cobbler and alcoholic.
  • Diwakar is Assistant Manager in Hilton International. His mother was a maid.
  • Santosh is the Site Manager of Burger King and is pursuing his MBA. His mother was a maid.

Every year we add over 60 new Parikrma graduates to our alumni, all with dreams and aspirations to give their families more choices.