Funding Model

When Parikrma was started in 2003, it was not with a large corpus fund or a single source of funding. Instead, we approached various friends, corporations, foundations, trusts and individual donors, as a credible and professional organization creating a development model with the potential to change the way we educate our masses.

Sustainability and scalability are two issues that face most nonprofit organizations. What is the optimum size of operations versus the funding available is a question uppermost in our minds.

Our vision guides us in this. We are clear that our aim is not to create a parallel movement to what already exists in the country. The Parikrma Model, instead, is a leadership model that provides a beacon to the existing network of Government schools and to anyone else attempting to provide education to the poor and the marginalized, on what it takes to prepare such a child for the life ahead.

Our support section indicates our current partnerships with these donor segments. Our funding goal is not just to meet our operational and infrastructure needs but also to build a corpus for any contingencies that may arise.

We are clear that we will not divert our focus away from our mission and engage in income-generating commercial activities that would provide a steady flow of income. Rather we will tap into the already existing sizable market for social funds by providing this target market with a credible and professional organization that is creating a development Model that has the potential to change the way we educate our masses. Every child who goes through Parikrma will spend around 18 years before he/she is ready to access the best opportunities on equal terms. We are, therefore, looking for partners that understand that creating such fundamental change needs long-term support.