Parikrma invites students from across the world to do an internship with us – an experience that will not only give you valuable work experience but will allow you to create real social impact and change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Internships at Parikrma take many forms and may be customized to some extent to fit your own interests and requirements. You may work directly with our students as a teacher, teacher’s assistant or mentor. You may want to hone your management and marketing skills by working with our Resource Mobilization team to improve our processes or raise funds. Or, you could work with our Community Services team to reach out to Parikrma’s parent community, doing skill training and awareness building that will ultimately improve their quality of life in the slums.

Wherever your interests lie, let your passion for being a part of positive change guide you. Be a part of the Parikrma transformation.

In terms of duration, internships can be designed for a period of a month to several months. You will be awarded a certificate of completion, detailing the work that you have done during your internship.

So, apply to Parikrma and change the world

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