Parikrma's Initiatives

We are not just an NGO for education / NGO for the underprivileged – we evaluate our progress not by scale but with quality.

What sets Parikrma apart is not just its commitment to the quality of education but also its emphasis on exposure and wholesome development, to ensure that every child discovers a field that he/she loves and excels in – Be it proficiency in English or Technology, Skills in Sports or Art, or collaborating with people around the world. We understand the importance of making education relevant to our new-age world. It is this relevance that makes even the poorest child a responsible New World Citizen.

Key Initiatives

Universe 2 U

The marvellous world of science is best explored and discerned through fun and interesting practical, interactive sessions, field trips and not just through theory! Universe2U, the science program at Parikrma is our children’s window to the world. Through a rigorous program of visits to museums, parks and science fairs, guest talks by eminent scientists from around the world, workshops and projects, our children take science beyond the classroom. A Space Club run by a NASA veteran, a Nature Club and a Mechanics Club help our children learn the wonders of the world, inspiring a new generation of aspiring astronauts, conservationists and aeronautical engineers.



At Parikrma, we believe in the power of reading, and it’s not just another hobby, but an intricate part of education. Children from marginalised families have less exposure to the outside world, and lesser opportunities to travel. It’s only through books that they experience life outside of their everyday lives. We at Parikrma believe the habit of reading not only helps children excel in the vocabulary of life, but is a reliable tool to integrate them to the mainstream. How: carve out time every day for reading.



At Parikrma, we believe music is more thanjust a hobby – it’s a therapy, a necessary education. We currently havestudents from the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA), a musicinstitute founded by violinist 

Dr. L. Subramaniam and vocalist Kavita Krishnamurti, teaching classical music and instruments to children at all our Centres. We are also working with SPIC MACAY – a non-political nationwide voluntary movement that organises programmes of classical music and dance, folk arts, crafts, yoga, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks, at our Centres to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage.


We recognize the tremendous talent that our children have in expressing themselves through the various art forms. We don’t follow any set format, and children are given complete freedom to experiment. Parikrma students have exhibited their artworks at galleries in New York and San Francisco. We constantly take our children to several art galleries in the city and a lot of our childrens’ works have been exhibited in eminent galleries in India and several other countries.
All of our children artworks are shared with psychologists for analysis and diagnoses – a practice that has allowed us to understand our children and their minds better.


Sport, a great unifier, is an integral part of our education at Parikrma. We provide a physical training program that helps our children develop motor skills and improve their physical conditioning. Professional physical trainers motivate and inspire children at all our Centres to actively participate in all sport. We believe in ‘team work” and encourage our children not only in academics but also through sports to rejoice the spirit of team effort and challenges. In sport, our children have excelled in Athletics, Football and Taekwondo. We have been the Athletics Champions of Bangalore in the past, and our U-14 and U-16 football teams have won many tournaments, including the Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy in 2010. Parikrma sportsmen have swept up medals at Taekwondo championships – including the Best Fighter of the Tournament at the 6th South Asian ITF Championship held in Kathmandu, Nepal.