Parikrma Football Club

The birth of Parikrma FC

A football club for the alumni and owned by Parikrma, the Parikrma FC is a testimony of our children’s passion and respect for the sport. This club was born in 2013, when Parikrma Foundation provided a platform for talented footballers both students, alumni and staff to take their passion a step further. Parikrma FC started as a Bangalore Division C team, and is an A Division team today!

The Parikrma Girls Football Club

We launched the Girls Football Club this year and our team participated in the Karnataka Football league and reached semi-finals. The team captain even won the best mid-fielder award.

Updates so far…

  • Six of our girls from the Parikrma Girls Football Club have been selected to represent the Karnataka State team in the Senior Women’s National Football Championship. This includes our student, Aishwarya too.
  • Besides having launched the Parikrma Boys Football Club that’s an A Division Club today, last year we launched the Girls Football Club, and are thrilled that girls from different schools in the city have approached us to be on the team and many have been selected as well.
  • Many of our alumni have registered and obtained admissions in colleges offering sports management and a few are training to be a coach.
  • A few alumni have come together and started a sports management company called Rapt Sports. The team also organised its first ever corporate football tournament in July 2019, which witnessed active participation of 24 corporate teams.