Current Activities In


Stage 1:

Oxygen is currently a barren land, a part of the dry deciduous landscape in the north of Bengaluru. 

The team (comprising the best practitioners in permaculture, outdoor education, creative arts and scientists) will work with our children and teachers to:

    • Rejuvenate the land and natural landscaping
    • Understand soil health, plant native trees
    • Basics of permaculture: how to respect the land, look at all its living creates collectively and share equally
    • Regenerating the two streams by identifying the source and creating a perineal water supply
    • Recharging the soil by flushing out the chemicals from neighbouring farms
    • The land is a water-scarce in a rain-shadow area – hence, working on water restoration
    • Nature and wildlife photography, documentation and ethics
    • Insights on solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and how to create water harvesting trenches
    • Children will learn to negotiate and support the neighbourhood farmers
    • An observation tower for children to observe the surroundings and monitor changes in time and season
    • Children will be taught how to create a butterfly garden and even consider creating an apiculture and bee farm at a later stage
    • Teachers and children will get trained in basic outdoor first-aid and emergency response
  • An introduction to all forms of life on the land – insects, critters, birds etc.