Parikrma Inside

The Parikrma Inside™ is successfully finding its way into diverse education centres, striving to make an impact and influence a positive change. So, what is the Parikrma Inside? It’s us helping government schools by arming their teachers with the best possible training programs through our Education Transformation Centre; it’s also us putting systems and highly qualified resource personnel in government schools to augment academic excellence and create inspiring leadership models. So far, we have adopted 5 government schools and this is just the beginning…

Government school teachers are also being trained by our staff at the Education Transformation Centre. Education Transformation Centre (ETC) has thus far trained Teachers and Heads from 560 Government Schools that dot the entire gamut of Bangalore North District. The teachers and heads have been trained in Teacher Sensitivity, Pedagogy and English Language skills and Leadership skills.  

The schools covered under School Adoption and Whole School Improvement Project:

We have been implementing a Whole School Improvement Policy in Four Government Schools that we have adopted. (Two situated in Bangalore North District and another Two in Bangalore Rural District) that intends to bring about a qualitative change in the areas of School Environment, Parent Involvement and Curriculum Delivery over the next five years.

Training government teachers with SIF: In partnership with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Parikrma launches a collaborative program to update skills of government school teachers in Karnataka. We will be training master trainers in Science and Math for the next three years. Thousands of teachers and students from government schools will benefit from this partnership.

And how do we go about doing this? How do we pick which school to support? Here is one such story written by founder Shukla Bose in her latest blog to help you understand the journey… 

A new beginning for 60 kids & a highly fulfilling personal experience