‘Market Readiness’ is a practical project designed for 2 PUC students at PJC on completion of their Business Studies syllabus. Students from both HEBA and CEBA form teams to ideate on a product or service. The business idea is meant to be innovative, practical and offer a solution for existing pain points of customers. Market research goes into the project with test marketing of prototypes and feedback. The Business Studies Teacher wears the Mentor’s hat for each team, right from the beginning.  On the final day each team make their presentations in front of the judges, teachers and rest of the college students. Teams pitch their Business Plan incorporating all elements of Marketing Mix to showcase their market readiness. Since the first year Business Studies students have witnessed their senior’s presentation, a few of them may be inspired to start thinking much ahead of time.

On the final day of Market Readiness, the judges evaluate each team based on the following parameters in a scale of one to ten:

 1. Introduction –How well they attract the attention of the audience.

2. How well they define the problem, identifying customer’s existing pain points.

3. What is the Product/Service Solution Offering with all 4-7Ps.

4. Innovativeness enabled with technology.

5. Live demonstration.

6. Business Model with basic structure of ROI.

7.Effective Closing with Call to Action

The teams are also evaluated on their presentation skills and confidence levels.

Market Readiness benefits the students with a better understanding of small business and entrepreneurship. Market Readiness program transforms the workforce mindset to creator mindset in our students and build the useful skill sets to prepare our students for the creator economy, digital economy and gig economy.

Market Readiness is one of the several activities under the umbrella program of Parikrma Preps.