Parikrma Innovations Conclave 2024

On Climate Change with partner NetApp 

The Parikrma Innovations Conclave is back in partnership with NetApp. This year, children from over 25 schools shared their ideas to mitigate the climate crisis.

The Theme

This year’s Conclave was anchored around the theme, “Creative – Innovative Ideas to Impact Climate Change.”  A total of 25 schools representing a diverse socio-economic spectrum participated. In November 2023, these schools participated in a preliminary event at Parikrma Oxygen, an emerging outdoor educational facility. Conducted by Parikrma staff and Netapp volunteers, this session introduced the theme and presented the pressing issue of Climate Change. 

Here are the winners and their ideas:

1st Position – Inventure Academy: “We the Locals” – Community-driven app promoting local initiatives.

2nd Position – Parikrma Centre for Learning, Nandini Layout: “Eco Lavishers” – Revolutionising paper composting.

3rd Position was a tie:

Government Urdu Higher Primary School, Gandhinagar: “Water Box for Reforestation” – Innovative water solution supporting reforestation efforts.
Parikrma Centre for Learning, NIOS: “Eco-friendly Coolant” – Sustainable coolant solution securing 3rd Position.

The guests for the event:

Keynote address was given by the Padma Bhushan Professor, P Balaram

Guest of honor was MR Sreenievasa Murthy, IAS. 

Ravi Chhabria, managing director, NetApp

Panel discussion:

Diverse viewpoints from leaders from all walks of life discussed, “How can India prioritise climate change and what can children do?”

Panellists included Ravi Chhabria, Jyoti Tygarajan (educator and advocate for equitable education), Dr Arshiya Bose (conservationist and National Geographic Fellow), Dr Jeannet Kessels (Co-founder of Vets for Climate Action), Dr Nishant Srinivasiah (wildlife biologist specialising in elephant conservation) and Rakshita T (Parikrma student). It was moderated by Summiya Yasmeen (managing editor, EducationWorld). 

What is the Innovations Conclave?

The Conclave is dedicated to acknowledging and promoting schools at the forefront of innovative education practices. The event provides a platform for schools to showcase their exemplary efforts in cultivating innovation in science, technology, liberal arts, or social entrepreneurship. By igniting the spirit of innovation among students, we are nurturing the thinkers and creators of the future, equipping them with the skills and mindset to address complex global challenges. This is the Innovations Conclave’s third edition, and we are excited to partner with NetApp Inc. for this unique event.