Founder Shukla Bose gets her doctorate degree

She successfully defended her thesis

You rarely hear of someone consistently driven by the need to transform lives positively; that age, job, personal life or even COVID-19 couldn’t stop them. 
We are delighted and incredibly proud to share that Parikrma’s founder, now Dr Shukla Bose, successfully defended her thesis and obtained a doctorate in Public Policy and Governance from the JAIN (deemed-to-be University).
Her thesis is titled ‘Taking the slum out of the Child: Exploring the Role of Socioeconomic Status and Neighbourhood on the Academic Performance and Decision-making of Urban Poor Children in Bengaluru’.
In the image, Dr Bose with her guide, Dr Priyanca Mathur, head and associate professor of the Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education at JAIN (deemed-to-be University).