Two hundred students from schools in Bangalore including 4 government schools got an opportunity to understand the science behind AIR and its multiple facets first-hand through leading scientists of the city!

Day 1

1. Bharat Ratna awardee, eminent scientist and Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India, Professor C.N.R. Rao, inaugurated the festival with a speech.  

2. Professor Ramananda Chakrabarti, assistant professor CES, IISc gives a talk on the evolution of oxygen.

3. What is an emission test – why is it important? How do we conduct such a test? Children get a first-hand dekho of emission test, while taking down readings (live)

4. A think-tank of architects, urbanists and technologists in Bengaluru with a core focus on making cities healthier, safe and more inclusive – Sensing Local made kids map the distance from home to school, the mode of transport they use, to calculate each child’s carbon footprint.

Day 2: 
1. A documentary on air pollution by Sunita Narain
2. A talk on clouds and monsoons by Dr. Sulochana Gadgil, Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, an Indian meteorologist at the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS).
3. An inspirational talk about teaching and passion by Dr Indumati Rao
4. Dr Nagbushan on air pollution and health. 
5. Dr SN Omkar, Chief Research Scientist at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc on aerodynamics
6. Children got to watch and understand the working of a drone and a quadcopter and witnessed them take to the air and watched how a wind tunnel works. 

Day 3:

1. Starting this year, at the festival of science, we will recognise and celebrate an Indian scientist who has contributed immensely to science post-independence. This year we celebrate Dr. Satish Dhavan. Satish Dhawan was an Indian aerospace engineer, widely regarded as the father of experimental fluid dynamics research in India. Professor Padmanabhan Balaram an internationally renowned, leading bio-organic chemist and the receiver of the Indian Civilian honor of the Padma Bhushan introduces us to Dr Satish Dhavan. Padma Vibushan winner, Professor Roddam Narasimha also shares his personal experience of being a student under Professor Satish Dhavan.

2. The hackathon: a corporate proposes to set up an IT Park near a clean, quiet locality (residents are children). Stakeholders representing the IT, BBMP, Uber, MLA and the green activists pitch their view to proposals to children. What will the residents (children) do? What will they settle for? What will they demand?

3. Air Summit: Children representing different polluted countries across the globe took to the stage to explain the state of pollution in their countries and why they need the fund and how they will use it sustainably to tackle the problem.

As yet another Festival of Science draws to an end… children from all schools take an oath – pledging their support, promising to be responsible citizens & work towards a safe and a clean environment and a better planet.