Two papers published

Papers on Covid19 and impact on education and girl education has been published by Parikrma staff in international journals

We are happy to share with you two papers authored by founder Shukla Bose and Anuradha Roy, Head, Operations, Parikrma has been published in ICERI Proceedings 2020. Both the papers talk about COVID19 challenges and how poor children have been impacted and what measures have been taken to ensure everyone has access to free education and healthcare in Bangalore. The paper also highlights the success of Parikrma ReachV initiative – where children from the slums have been able to have undisturbed access to high quality education online and the second paper highlights the gendered impact of COVID and the future for girls from marginal communities.

Gendered impact of covid19 on girls education: insights from the frontline

S. Bose, P. Velath – ICERI2020 Proceedings

The challenges of providing online schooling to students at the bottom of the pyramid

A. Roy Chowdhury, S. Bose, K. Singh – ICERI2020 Proceedings