The Innovations Conclave 2018 by Parikrma Humanity Foundation and Tata Communications

Newer paradigms of learning are now needed with respect to tackling the approach to education in India. With growing focus on 21st century skills, we must turn the tables around in contemporary education. This includes laying a stronger emphasis on critical thinking, scientific discovery, application of creativity and innovation in education concepts.

Under the aegis of Global Citizenship Education, a collaborative initiative between Parikrma Humanity Foundation & Tata Communications, we want to attempt reversing thinking trends across schools. The objective is not just creating opportunities for the marginalized, but also to prepare a model that can be replicated across different schools to celebrate larger values of innovation and discovery. While government schools struggle with the lack of basics, mainstream schools are throttled with misplaced priorities of their students’ achievements.

Under the aegis of Global Citizenship using ICT- over 50 schools from across the country were invited to contribute and participate in coveting for this Annual Award.

The event:

At the Innovations Conclave 2018 by Parikrma and Tata Communications we honour Padma Bhushan Professor V Rajaraman. His students, Rajeev Chawla,Additional Chief Secretary to government;Prof. Soumitra Kumar Nandy, Dr. Ranjani Narayan & Dr. TS Mohan share their personal experiences with us.

How can innovation & technology help schools achieve the #UNsustainabilitygoals2030? Panellists (a CEO, VP of school, entrepreneurs, CSR heads and a student) share their POVs on the subject.

“We don’t want to create more job seekers, but more job creators. We support innovation and creativity in schools,” said chief guest, Dr Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary, Primary & Secondary Education, Government of Karnataka.

The Delhi Public School (North) wins the first place in the Best Innovative Idea category. All first three winners won cash prizes to leverage their sustainable goal further and better.

Parikrma won the third place for the best Innovative Practice for its Friendship Bench concept.