This year, 37 schools in Bangalore were inducted into the School Health Hall of Fame and 9 of them were recognised for their innovative health practices at the Parikrma Address Health Awards. 

Giving the keynote address was Dr Thimappa Hegde, director & senior consultant neurosurgeon, Nayarayana Institute of Neurisciences. A highly inspiring speech, Dr Hegde talked about the need for transformation and mind mastery… for a better and a positive world. “The more you are grateful the more happy you are. Appreciate the gift of this moment and make the most of life,” he said.

“Role of schools in child mental health: police, mentor, friend or spy?” Interesting points and facts were being raised and discussed at the panel discussion today. Experts included psychiatrists, psychologists and principals of schools. 

…And the stage was lit up and the audience sang along, loud and cheerful to the songs performed by the very talented Raghu Dixit.

We thank Address Health for their constant support and partnership!